iKen Auto Tech extends its expertise to providing consultancy and general help services for Individuals and Companies that want to go into purchasing of new vehicles.

Do you need assistance?

Whether you want to purchase a new vehicle, a fairly used vehicle, or salvage vehicle and need advice on Pricing, Safety features, Life Span and how to select the right car? Look no further. You are at the right place. iKen Auto Tech is here to assist you.

iKen Auto Tech has been in service for over 8 years now and have been tasked with tedious task from our previous clients. We have served customers in relation with Smash damages, Mechanical and Upholstery Services. 

We advice you on all your Smash damages, Mechanical and Upholstery issues regarding the right selection. We solve problems for customers outside our company by providing meaningful data on vehicle system problems, the right solution base one dealership, Repair manuals whiles achieving better results.


IKEN AUTO-TECH is interested in the Technical training of our staff, and training for private and Cooperate organization.

What we do is to conduct (OTJ) on-the-job training in Automobile Body Repairs, Spraying, Mechanical and Electrical field.

Our training is supported by highly Professional Trainees from Japan and assisted with our Technical Institution Trainees and Top Universities to help our staff better understand their practicals.

We are forward in setting up a school in the near future.