Why Choose Us?

We are structured in discreet modules, so our clients get everything they need, and nothing they don’t. The modular approach also permits greater flexibility in delivery to fit around shift and roster patterns.

Why iKen?

iKen Auto Tech is dedicated to assisting organizations create safety automotive workforce, and a culture in which trust, care, open communication, increased well being and safe choices can thrive. With many years of experience and a deep understanding of Auto-manufactures, Safety Development, Engineering and Workplace Well being. We have gone from strength to strength with focus directly on our clients’ needs. We have worked with a wide scope and diversity of clients throughout the country due to our agility and ability to assist our clients with targeted and evidence-based approaches.  Our team have the ability to read and respond to group participants, to elicit and use live group-driven examples, assist the group “in the moment” to express issues and implement systematic problem-solving as well as providing the communication and resilience tools necessary to make your car moving, power up and enjoyable when driving. iKen Auto-Tech values our clients and our people. We look forward to hearing from everyone interested in getting their automobiles fixed.

Engagement Workshops

To future proof the success of our automotive workforce, iKen Auto Tech has worked with automotive industry associations to develop a Workforce Development Strategy that provides a framework for the automotive industry to plan it’s workforce development priorities over the next 5-10 years. 

Visit iKen Auto Tech today and we will service you to your satisfaction. 

Simple To Work With.

Our Senior Leadership Workshop provides key personnel with the core concepts and an in-depth understanding of our global solutions methods, enabling senior staff to create psychological safety within their teams, and foster a culture where care, trust, engagement, well being and safe choices can thrive.

Leaders & Supervisors Workshop

This workshops is designed to show our safety leaders how the natural limitations of the brain contribute to risky behaviour and how normal cognitive processes often lead to complacency and unsafe behaviour. Our leaders are given the skills necessary to create a sense of Psychological safety within their teams. 

Servicing & Maintenance Inclusion.

At iKen Auto Tech, we offer best Periodic Maintenance & Repair, at very affordable pricing. Our professional team have up to date skills and know how to offer you the best experience in your servicing and maintenance needs. Our servicing and maintenance are given to individuals, Organization, Institutions and Government fleet of vehicles.

Our Special Offer

Our pick and delivery service at an affordable pricing is for all our customers living within Greater Accra. No matter where you are, we are at your service. Just send us your location our team of professional drivers will be there to take your vehicle in to our company. Depending on when you want your vehicle to be returned, our workforce team will see to it that your vehicle is safely returned to you.